HM Solar provides Solar Conversion kit to convert existing Electricity inverter to solar energy powered inverter. At present all customers have normal electricity inverters installed at their homes. These inverters provide some backup in power cuts. But biggest problem with these are that they consume lots of electricity to charge up battery. Due to this customers face heavy bills. But with Solar Conversion kit we can reduce this electrical consumption. Because day time battery get charging from solar panels attached with conversion kit.

How Does Solar Conversion Kit Work?

The solar conversion kits introduce mainly two new parts to the existing inverter system; solar PV modules and the solar converter. The solar PV modules are installed on the roof top at a fixed tilt and generally facing south direction of the location. The energy generated will be brought to the solar converter which is located near the inverter and battery bank. When sun rays fall on these solar panels, the power (DC electricity) is generated, which reaches the batteries through solar converter and batteries get charged. However, the solar panels ensure that the right amount of charge reach the battery because with very high power, there are chances that the batteries may get permanently
damaged. A solar converter charges the batteries in different stages and gives a controlled amount of charge, so that they not only get fully charged, but are also able to hold the 100% charge.

Now, when the batteries get fully charged, this solar converter protects batteries from overcharging by intelligently disconnecting the solar power. It also safeguards the solar panels by prohibiting the flow of current in reverse direction from batteries to the solar panels during the night time. During the day when solar power is being generated and is fully charging the batteries, solar converter available in the market also has the ability to intelligently disconnect the mains and power the house via inverter using the energy stored in the batteries. These handy solar converters take almost nothing from the main power supply which means that they do not bring any extra burden to the electricity meter – thus one can generate significant savings in their electricity bills.

When batteries are drained these solar converters first tries to get them charged through solar but in absentia of the solar energy such as during the late evening or the night times, the inverter goes on to the mains mode and gets the power from main grid supply. During late evenings or when sun is pertinently not available, solar converter ably detects that and switches the mains on. The inverter charges the battery through main grid supply so one can get non-stop electricity supply even during power cuts at night.